Creating and Managing Roles

Roles are sets of predefined rights that you can assign to a user. Roles are specific to an account, and allow you to assign particular rights to users without having to assign individual rights to individual users.

NOTE: The Manager role has access to all application functions.

To start managing roles:

From the menu choose “Roles” 



On the following screen, you will see a selection of different rights available at both the Account level   and within the Optimize Product level .


You will not be able to edit the rights allowable to Manager  – On this page, there is an example of an Account Settings Viewer  who can see everything at the Account level, but cannot change anything  and a noExtract  role  within the product level that has been created with all Manager level rights with the exception of being able to extract data.


To create a new role 

Click on the “+ ” 

Within the slider screen:


  • Enter a role name. 
  • Provide a role description. 
  • Select the location for the role – either at an account level or Optimize level. 
  • Select the rights you wish this role to have. 
  • Click  “Save”. You’ll see the new role in the role list at the bottom of the window. 


Note: A role must have a name and at least one right before you can save it.

Once you have saved it, you will see the role added to the main roles screen.


See the video Adding Users and Roles