Interpreting Test Results – Stabilisation

The third and final tab in the Optimize test report is the ‘Stabilisation’ tab.

There is no tabular data in this area – just the chart (Note if you’re not seeing the chart in your report you may need to use the toggle switch at the top right to switch it back on).

The stabilisation chart is a useful tool to help us determine whether a test is nearing conclusion (note that it should always be used in conjunction with other key indicators when deciding if our test has reached conclusion).

Data is mapped out in a cumulative fashion and therefore early on in the test we usually see the lines crossing over each other, but as time goes on we should see the lines level out (stabilise):

If you hover over the chart you can see detailed information displayed about each experiment.



Pay attention when lines begin to take a horizontal trend; this indicates decreased change in day-to-day conversion rates and increased likelihood the data will continue along this “stabilised” trend.