Interpreting Test Results – Traffic

The ‘Traffic’ tab in the Webtrends Optimize test report gives you valuable traffic data for your test. when you hover over the chart you can see individual data around each line.

At the top you’ll see a line chart which maps views and conversions over time. This can be helpful to spot daily/weekly trends.

Scroll down and you’ll see the traffic table. This gives you a daily breakdown of views and conversions for each of your conversion points:



This table can be useful to identify any issues with conversion points, or indeed the test itself. For example if you notice no conversions/test views for a period of a few days it could be that the test was paused for some reason, or the Optimize tags were temporarily removed from the test page.

Note that the figures in the traffic table are daily figures and should therefore not be compared to the performance tab figures. i.e. If you’re looking at unique conversions in the traffic tab these will be ‘daily unique’ figures whereas the performance tab would show unique figures for the duration of the test.