Microsoft SSO | 3rd party authentication

This document will guide you through changing from Webtrends Optimize authentication to using Microsoft Azure SSO.

We have built this to specifically have Microsoft handle the authentication, but Rights in the UI managed in the traditional way (e.g. User can view a report, can view a test, can create/edit/delete, etc.).

Step 1: Get Tenant ID from Azure AD

As described in:

  1. Go to the Azure portal
  2. Navigate to the service Azure Active Directory
  3. Scroll down the blade on the left to Properties
  4. Note: You can go straight to this URL, but we recommend browsing there yourself for security/reassurance:
  5. Copy your Tenant ID and share this with your Account Manager.
  6. We will then enable Microsoft/Azure SSO for your account. This may take 1-2 days

Step 2: First login with Microsoft SSO

1. Click the Sign in with Microsoft SSO button on our login screen:

2. You will be taken to Microsoft. For security, we recommend making sure the domain says
Please log in, using MFA if it asks you to. If you select the “Keep me signed in” option, most/all of these steps won’t need to be repeated until you discard cookies, and you’ll have 1-click login for subsequent UI sessions.

After following these steps, you will be taken into our UI. This will be the Account Selection screen if you have access to multiple accounts, or the Dashboard if you have access to one.