Consent Managers – Advanced Integration

This document describes how to perform a basic integration between your Consent Manager and Webtrends Optimize.

Skill level required: developer, senior + WTO support.

What is the advanced integration?

While we’re waiting for users to consent, many companies are happy to still serve an experience with the following restrictions:

  • We must not cookie/preserve the experience. If the user refreshes the page, we must re-allocate them an experience at random, not sticky/remembered.
  • We must not collect any data until users consent. At that point, we can choose to flood-upload all events they’ve triggered within that pageload. Again, nothing cookied/remembered beyond what’s in memory.

With this in mind, we can:

  • Serve experiences on page load, hoping most users opt-in when asked.
  • Keep a list of data to track, and send this to our servers only on consent-approval – discarded if the page is reloaded.

Step 1: Finding our hooks

As with the Basic integration, our first step is to find our hooks for consent.

This may by a cookie check as desribed in the aforementioned document, or might be a function call. For example, OneTrust emits a window event we can subscribe to:
window.addEventListener("consent.onetrust", cb)

Step 2: Altering the default behaviour of Optimize

This is currently where your Optimize Support Team will be involved. Given the scale of platform knowledge required, we perform this part for you. The document does not describe the approach taken for that reason.

We will have a conversation before undertaking the work, but turnaround times should be small.