Tag Versions

Versions earlier than 5.x

Webtrends Optimize was previously a product under the suite of Webtrends Inc. During this time, many tags were released, including versions 3.x and 4.x. The particulars of these tags will not be described in this help site.


Version 5.0 – October 2018

This version was a port of the Webtrends Optimize 4.3 tag, with the removal of all Webtrends Infinity Analytics-related components as part of the split from Webtrends Inc.

Whilst the 4.x tags leveraged Akamai as the CDN provider, the 5.x tags have notably used Azure CDN as part of a user usage of Azure CDN for the entire product range.

This version of the tag was made available under https://c.webtrends-optimize.com/, where the former versions were available under https://c.webtrends.com/.

Beyond these differences and points, there was no change in functionality, namespaces, etc.


Version 5.1 – March 2019

As a layer of protection, Optimize relied on HTTP Referer headers to detect what page a user was on – something which is much more difficult to spoof for users on other domains trying to hijack your ideas. However, releases by browsers with Referrer-Policy headers where you can limit what information is transmitted in a HTTP header restricted our ability to accurately detect what page the user was on.

Version 5.1 saw us being able to use the more traditional location.href to collect this information instead, as collected automatically in our tag.


Version 5.2.0 – June 2020

This version featured a few key upgrades.

  • The Optimize Build Framework was included as an option in the Tag Configurations UI, and is enabled for all customers. For advanced-editor tests, this allows users to navigate the preferred option of using the Optimize Build Framework to better manage all of their tests.
  • The tag contained an empty Data Layer by default. Data could more easily be pushed into here as a result.
  • The tag introduced a small handful of utility Helpers by default for all customers.