Get Started

Before you begin

  1. Use Chrome as your Browser
  2. Check you have the “Webtrends Optimize Visual Editing Tools” Plugin installed (how to get and install the Webtrends Chrome Browser extension)
  3. Check that your site is tagged with your unique Webtrends Optimize Tag (how to find and install the Webtrends Optimize® tag [ADMIN USERS ONLY]
  4. Visit:


On Successful login, and dependant if this is the first time anyone has logged into the account, you should be presented with a screen similar to one of the following screens – This is the Optimize Dashboard


First-time login to new account – dashboard


Existing account login – dashboard


Troubleshooting login

Forgotten your password

Click on “Forgot your password”


Enter your email address and click “REQUEST RESET LINK”


If you do not have a user account, please check with your internal administrator.

Unable to log in?

Check with your IT departments to see if your firewall or network environment is preventing you from accessing the page