Pre and Post Rendering Scripts

Within Advanced Editor you have the ability to add Javascript to any project.

Here is an example of using the Script section to add a page load conversion

Adding a Page Load Conversion using custom codePost-Rendering Script:

  • During the test set up process, you can add page load conversions in step 3 “SCRIPTS” – This step is only accessible by following through each of the previous steps. Add your custom code to the Post-Rendering script box 


  • Add the following custom code into the ‘Post-Rendering Script’ window:


WT.addEventHandler(‘pageview’, function(e)


If(window.location.href.match(/ { {conversionPoint: conversionName});



  • Replace / with the URL page(s) in RegEx format.
  • Replace conversionName with a meaningful conversion name (E.g. Page_Confirmation).
    • We recommend using the “Page” prefix and avoid using spaces, apostrophes or special characters where possible.
  • Click “Audience” to save and proceed to the next step of the test set up.