Webtrends Optimize® Dashboard Overview

The Optimize Dashboard is the control centre for all of your testing activities. It enables you to see exactly what projects, tests and targets are in what stage of activity. It is also the starting point to access other areas within the application. Depending on your account and user privileges, your view may differ.

Watch the Video on the Dashboard Overview

At the top of the dashboard click on the down arrow at the top centre of the screen to reveal a full menu. (enlarge link to see how)


Explanation of sections

 Admin Area – 
This area will highlight the account that you are in and if you have multiple accounts, allow you to switch between them. If you have the correct admin rights you can also administer users and roles.

Test Activity Charts – These charts show the number of tests by state and type. Using the legend, in the example above, we can see there are currently twelve live all of which are AB and no targets, MVT or Baseline tests. There are 18 experiments in staging of which fourteen are AB tests and three are targets and there are no baselines. There are two live experiments live and two published and two archived. If you click on the centre of any of the donuts, you will filter the project listing () only to show tests within the “clicked donuts”

 By clicking here you will reveal the navigation pane:


The navigation is broken down into four sections;

  • Create – Here is where you will go to start any project whether using the Visual Editor or the Advanced Editor
  • Manage – Here where you can manage all of the activities associated with your projects
  • Help – This allows you to search for hep within our help pages or use the frequently viewed items. Be aware that the items in the frequently viewed section may change as it is based on items which have been viewed by Webtrends Optimize users.
  • Account- Here is where you can change accounts (if applicable), manage users and roles as well as editing your own profile.

 Filtering – The “Show” drop-down will show all of the tests within your account by default. Clicking on the drop-down will allow you to filter by status which will then be displayed within the test listing.

 Project Listing – Clicking on the link within the project will reveal conversion information about the experiment and clicking on the arrow to the right of the graph will provide more detailed information.




 Search – Entering free text within the search field will focus on specific tests/targets by matching to keywords or partial characters.

 This linear bar chart shows the number of events used against your contracted allocation.




Not Seeing the Dashboard – Check you are using Chrome and have both Webtrends browser extension installed and enabled.

Create Your first project using the Visual Editor

Create your first project using the Advanced Editor