Create/edit a segment in the Segment Library

In the Optimize UI, you can access your own Segment Library by selecting Segments from the main menu . Alternatively, you can access the Segment Library directly on


You have a couple of options- you can either clone and modify an existing segment or create a brand new segment.

Clone and Modify an Existing Segment

To do this select the clone icon  from the right-hand menu of the segment you wish to copy. A splash screen will appear and you will need to confirm you wish to clone by giving the copy of the segment a new name and then clicking on the create button.

Your new segment will be added to your segment list. To modify  click on the pencil 

Create a new segment

To create a new segment, use the ‘+’   icon on the top right in the Segment Builder:

You will then be able to build your own segment by dragging and dropping items from the column on the left column to the main builder screen:




You can add as many different attributes as you need, but do keep in mind the overall selection criteria that references them. In the example below showing a multiple browser segment, unless you select the ‘Match Any’ option, your segment would not work (as any given user can only be viewing the project in one browser at a time):




When you select different types of attributes (e.g.: ‘Browser’ and ‘Location’), you will also have ‘And’/’Or’ criteria to take into account. These are very important as they are often the reason why segments malfunction if they are incorrectly set.



Once you are done with adding the necessary attributes to your segment, simply add a name in the section at the top of the page with a name that describes what the segment contains (e.g.: Desktop browsers).

And click “Save” at the bottom right of the page 

Watch the video “creating an audience segment” here

Edit an existing Segment

Once a segment has been created you can edit that segment from within the Segment Builder. However, it’s important to note that editing a segment is not recommended as all projects using this segment will be affected by your changes.

To edit select the segment from the segment builder and click on the pencil icon . This will open the Edit Segment Screen – Note that this screen is in blue to differentiate between editing and creating a segment.

Here you will be able to add, copy (and edit) or delete elements to the original segment.

To add, simply drag attributes from the left-hand selections , as you did when the original segment was created.

To copy attributes, select the  . You can then add additional data within the new cloned area.

To delete attributes, select the wastebin    next to the element you wish to delete.


Watch the video “creating an audience segment” here