Data Tables Overview

Webtrends Optimize now provides the ability to import, export and create data tables.

  • Importing allows you to import data from any csv file and utilise it within your segments.
  • Exporting allows you to export test data from Webtrends Optimize to be manipulated by Excel or any BI or analytics tool.

All of this data can be stored in user created data tables allowing flexibility as to what data is important to you.

To access the data table overview click on the”Manage” drop-down at the top right of the dashboard.



Select Data Tables – you will then see the following overview screen.


The screen shows a detailed overview of all tables created within the account.


 Data Tables shows the name of any tables already created

 Type shows the type of table-  Log (for event-level or conversion data) or Profile ( for visitor-level/unique data)

 This is when the data was last updated

 This is the date the data was originally created

 Search for data table – especially useful if you have loads of data tables

 Add new data table

Highlighting a particular table opens more comprehensive details around the data table itself.


Create Data Table>>