How to Preview Experiments

Whatever type of test you’re planning on running QA should be carried out before launch. The following guide shows you how to preview your experiments in Webtrends Optimize.

There are 3 different ways of previewing an experiment.

Force Experiment Widget

This is the easiest and most comprehensive way of previewing tests. You’ll find a link to the Force Experiment widget in the carousel when clicking into any test or can download it directly here:

Install Force Experiment Widget

Click on the experiment from the list in your dashboard view.


Select Experiment Preview by moving the content slider (click on the right arrow)



There is a link to the widget in the #1 section on the left.

Using the Force Experiment Widget

To Preview on Desktop

  1. Visit the page that your test is set up on
  2. Click the force experiment widget
  3. Select the experiment you wish to QA (green indicates the experiment that you’re currently viewing)
    QA Widget

You should now be seeing the experiment you selected. You will be ‘sticky’ to this experiment until you choose to view a different experiment so feel free to click to a different page knowing that when you return you’ll still be in the same experiment.


To Preview on Mobile & Tablet

  1. Create a bookmark on your mobile by visiting the Force Experiment Widget page and copying and pasting the code as a bookmark.
  2. Visit the test page in your mobile browser
  3. In address bar start typing the name of the bookmark you created and then click it when it pops up (some mobile browsers also allow you to select the bookmark directly rather than typing in the address bar)
  4. Click the experiment you wish to test


Staging Mode

If you’re trying to preview a single-variant Target or Baseline, you can enter staging mode directly.

If it’s a test, you can “pin” an experiment for all users to see. If this is an AB test, it’ll be your variation.

[add screenshot here]

Once done, simply go to your test page, add _wt.mode=staging into the query string, and you’ll fall into that experience.

e.g. test page is
so we go to

This is the ideal way to test, if you want to evaluate yourself against audience rules and potentially not fall-in to your experience.

Preview links

These are transformation-only. You’ll find the links in the carousel on the dashboard as described above.
You won’t be able to track data through these, but will be able to preview your changes.