JavaScript Tag

Below, you’ll find details for tagging your website with Webtrends Optimize Tag.

What is the Webtrends Optimize Tag?

The Webtrends Optimize tag is a single line of JavaScript to be placed into the head tag of each page of your site. Doing so will enable Webtrends to communicate with a Users web page, for Optimisation activities as required.

How to get your Tag

To get your tag simply log into your account at and navigating to Settings > Tagging guide, where you will find your unique tag.  See video – How to set up your tag.

Tag Placement

It is essential that this tag placed into the Head tag of each page. Alternative integrations are likely to cause Content Flickering.
If you have a data layer on the page, it is recommended to place the Webtrends tag just after it. Doing so will allow this data to be seamlessly fed into Optimize, to be used for more advanced Segmentation. See video – How to set up your tag.

Using Tag Management Containers:

Most Tag Managers don’t support “flickerless” testing, as they are asynchronous. This means that their own content is served with a delay where other elements continue to load. If it fetches scripts after a delay, the problem has already surfaced before any Testing tool can intervene. Whilst it is crucial to avoid Content Flickering, the Webtrends tag will function in a Tag Manager if inserted.

For Shopify:
To understand how to do this, see the details found here.