Building Tests and Targets

To start to build your project you need to understand the differences between Tests and Targets. A test is providing multiple versions of the same content to a wide audience to determine which is better than the current (live) version. Its success (0r otherwise) is measured by any uplift (or negative uplift) against the current version. A target is a single piece of content (varied from the current Live version) to an audience without any optimisation measurement. All people within that target segment will only see that content.

There are two methods to create projects (tests and targets) using either the Visual Editor or the Advanced Editor.

The Visual Editor has a WYSIWYG interface and is ideal for those who have little or no coding experience. The Advanced Editor is for the more confident user who has HTML and JavaScript experience.

Within the Visual Editor you can currently create:

Within the Advanced Editor you can create:

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Widgets – Delivering simple, in-a-can experiences via. Optimize:

If you’d like to do this, check out our Widgets area:

Mutual Exclusion

If you would like to stop people from seeing your test if they’ve seen another, read the article here: Mutual Exclusion.