Advanced Editor

The Advanced Editor is for the more confident user who has HTML and JavaScript experience.

What is the Advanced Editor?

The advanced editor is a dedicated, code-only editor. Instead of having to wait for a web page to load in, and see it refresh every time you need to make tweaks/updates, the advanced editor is a more minimalist, straightforward way to build coded tests.

Key features of the Advanced Editor

The advanced editor comes with the following key features, which differentiate it from the Visual Editor, and in some cases from any other tool on the market too.

The Optimize Build Framework

While you can use this anywhere, the advanced editor has the Optimize Build Framework built into the workflow.
This is a templated, structured and supported way of building your test – see more details here:

Velocity Templates

The Apache Velocity engine, and Velocity Templates are used for all server-delivered test as a means of interacting with other back-end services in Webtrends Optimize, and also as a means of template and logic that can reduce the amount of code going over the network that could be redundant – logic is more often built into the JavaScript, but can be a waste of network bandwidth.

For more details on the Apache Velocity engine, see here:

Quick save

A small feature, but one that’s incredibly useful. Developers iterate on their code quickly and often – the quick save button saves your changes within a couple of seconds to the Optimize platform, and this is distributed to our servers with sub-second latency making it instantly available – no “waiting on CDN” anymore.

Developer Docs

We have an array of developer docs that will support users particularly in the advanced editor. You can explore this category of help pages from here:

Making experiences in the advanced editor

Within the Advanced Editor you can create: