Creating a split test in the Advanced Editor

What is a Spit Test?

A split test is different from an A/B test as it uses two different URLs rather than just slightly amended versions of a single page. It’s particularly useful if you are looking to redesign pages on your website as it allows entirely different versions to be tested to see which one performs better.

A split test can only be accomplished using our Advanced Editor.

To create a split test, you have two methods – select it from the main menu under the Advanced Editor section 



or click on the “+” sign from the dashboard 


Then select “Web page” , “Split”  then “Advanced Editor” 


Whichever method you use, you will end up on the same screen


 Project Name – Projects are containers for tests on the same location

 Description – (Optional) but it is a good idea to add something here so you can remember exactly what this project is about

 Project Location – This defines the pages that are in scope for the project. Locations can be defined using the Location Manager. Click in the field to select an existing location

 Test Alias – The test Alias is a label used to address the specific project. It is automatically generated by Optimize, but can be edited if necessary

 Test Name – This is where you give your test a name and an optional description. A project may include multiple tests.

 Choose between either a URL Direct which directs the visitor to a completely new URL or Query Strings which appends the URL to direct them to a sub page

Once you have filled in all the required details, click “Variation” on the bottom right.


If you have chosen URL Direct, add your variation name and the URL you wish the visitor to be directed to . If you wish to you can keep any query stings or hashes by checking the box to the right of the URL. You can add additional variations by pressing the “+” sign at the top right of the page.



If you have chosen Query Strings, add the string to the control  and add a variation name and the Query String to “Variation 2” .



Once finished on either page click “Conversions” on the bottom right of the page