Creating a test in the Advanced Editor

Creating an ABn  test using the Advanced Editor

From the drop-down menu select “Advanced Editor > AB/ABn”.


This will take you to the Advanced Editor Project Details Form

Project Details Form


 Project Name – Projects are containers for tests on the same location

 Description – (Optional) but it is a good idea to add something here so you can remember exactly what this project is about

 Project Location – This defines the pages that are in scope for the project. Locations can be defined using the Location Manager. Click in the field to select an existing location

 Test Alias – The test Alias is a label used to address the specific project. It is automatically generated by Optimize, but can be edited if necessary

 Test Name – This is where you give your test a name and an optional description. A project may include multiple tests.

Once you have completed the form and you have clicked on the variations button you will see the Variations Screen