Asset Manager

Webtrends Optimize asset manager allows you to upload and host files quickly and easily.

To access asset manager log in to Optimize, click on the ‘Manage’ menu in the top right corner and then click on ‘Assets’:



The Asset Manager can hold all different types of assets; Audio files, Documents, Fonts, Images Scripts, and Videos, which can be included in your experiments. To refine the landing page to a particular type of asset just select from the submenu  .



To upload a new file click on the “Upload” button  select your file

You will get a splash banner requesting review before the file is uploaded

Copying a URL

Any files uploaded will be assigned a URL which you can then use to reference the image in any projects/tests. To copy the URL simply hover over the link and click on the copy icon:


Overwriting a file

If you need to overwrite an existing file with a new one click on the row in question and then click on the ‘Upload an updated file’ icon:


Locating a file

To find an image quickly you can use the search box at the top right corner 

Column headers are also clickable which allows you to sort by any attributes (name, file size, last modified etc.)



Deleting a file

To delete a file you have two methods;

The first is to simply check the box next to the file (or files)  and then click the red delete button at the bottom left .



The second method if you only want to delete a specific file is to click on a row to display more details about the asset and then click on the dustbin icon:

Supported file types

This is the full list of file types: