What are Baselines used for?

‘Taking the temperature’ on your site

The most common reason to use baselines is to find out more about click, click-through and conversion rates on your site. Whilst your analytics suite might already offer opportunities to find useful data, there might be limitations that Optimize can help you overcome (e.g.: track clicks for a given element/page/scenario only).

In this context, baselines can help you find out which areas of key pages are underused by visitors, and where the pain points in your funnel are.

Personalisation projects

If you want to carry out personalisation projects but lack the necessary user data to base your personalised testing on, baselines can help you build a repository of user interactions with your site (e.g.: product size/colour chosen, previously visited pages, previous items added to basket, etc.). Based on these learnings about your individual visitors, you will be able to personalise their next visit efficiently by tapping into the data you have in order to deliver the most relevant user experience.