Create a custom data conversion using the Advanced Editor

A custom data conversion records a specific value attached to a pre-defined event or goal every time it is triggered. E.g. Transaction Value = £200.


During the test set up process, you can add ‘Custom data’ conversion goals at step 5 “SCRIPTS”   This step cannot be accessed directly as it is only available by following the steps.


Enter your code in the  ‘Post-Rendering Script’.


In order to track using JavaScript the platform has the function Note syntax, case and that a colon is required after each. {


testAlias: alias,conversionPoint: conversionName,cookieInspection: false,beacon: false,data: {key:value}


  • Replace alias with your Test Alias name (see ‘Project Details’ section for Test Alias name).
  • Replace conversionName with a meaningful conversion name (E.g. Data_Transaction_Value).
  • Replace key:value with name and value of custom data variable.
  • Click “Audience” to save and proceed to the next step of the test set up.
  • Contact your administrator to activate the conversion goal by creating a data table to store the custom data.