How to create a Conversion Event using the Visual Editor

There are two types of Conversion Tracking using the Visual Editor

  • Click Conversion – These record events when a button on a page is clicked
  • Page Load Conversion – These record events when a page is loaded


Click Conversion

To create a click conversion using the Visual Editor select “+” from the Optimize menu and then highlight and click “Click Event”

This will enable you to select any element on the page and whilst doing so you will see a box where you can select “Track as Conversion Event”


Click this and then an event name needs to be assigned for reporting purposes. Give the conversion click event a name  and click save. 


Page Load Conversion

These pages may be your conversion goals, but could be any page of interest to your test.

Page Load Event by URL Entry

Follow the same process as for a click conversion except select “Event by URL Entry”

You will be presented with a splash screen.

Provide a name for this conversion event in the “Name” box 

Either select an existing URL that you have used before or type in a new URL 

Name the page conversion and click save as above



Click Save.