What’s New April 2018

Webtrends Optimize® 2.0 April 2018 Release Notes


We have an aggressive road-map over the next few months and you can check back here to see what additional functionality has been included in the latest release. As this is a Software as a Service solution, there is no need to upgrade as these features are all available now.


Reporting Usability Improvements

You can now select dates that cover any time period during the test period. This is especially useful if you want to refine the report to exclude the first couple of days that may distort the overall results.

You now have the ability to filter conversion events to refine what results you are looking for within a test or target.

With the all-new table colouring, you can instantly see which tests are performing and those that are not.

See our full reporting overview>>

Data Extracts

Having great data within Webtrends Optimize has always been available, but with more companies now consolidating data in BI tools we have added an easy to use data extract facility to export data from individual tests.

See Data Extracts in detail>>

Asset Manager


The all-new Asset Manager provides a great place to store all of the elements that you will need in optimising your web pages.

Different file types


  • flv
  • mp4
  • ogv

  • m4p
  • mp3
  • ogg

  • eot
  • woff
  • otf (not supported yet)
  • ttf (not supported yet)

  • gif
  • jpe / jpeg / jpg
  • png
  • tiff
  • svg
Scripts / Mark-up:

  • js
  • html
  • css

  • doc / docx
  • pdf
  • txt
See more about the Asset Manager>>.