April 2020 Product Update

During the month April we were once again busy adding some lovely new features to the platform and we are only 1 day into the month, below are the highlights

New Features:

  • Our MVT reporting has had a fresh overhaul making it slick and easy to use
  • With our visual editor tool, you now have the ability to import assets from 2 different image banks for free, this is really smart
  • Whenever you are using regular expressions with Optimize, you will find some quick and easy help for you, should you be struggling
  • When selecting your css within the visual editor, we have also given you some guidance on how css selectors work, give it a try
  • When you view your reports you can now remove some of the information from within the graph to make some of the more complicated reports easier to read
  • The graphs now have more information to hand including highest, lowest and average values making it simpler to find the information you need

We have also made many bug fixes and performance improvements to make your experience even better. 

Take a quick look at the enhancements in this short video:


On the 22nd April, we launched a second release with the following additional features:

  • Product Weighting- Allows you to select which experiments take precedent
  • Usability Improvements –
    • For new users to see a step-by-step walkthrough about how to start using the solution
    • Carousel Panel Access – Allows you to directly access each panel without the need to scroll from one too the next


Watch out for more exciting releases in May