February 2019 product update

We were extremely busy during February building out additional functionality to enable you to create experiments even faster, and to fine-tune our UI to provide greater consistency across each type of experiment.

We also fixed a number of minor bugs that caused one or two of our clients a little frustration.


Server-side A/Bn testing is available through our Advanced Editor – Server-side testing increases site speed, enables faster page builds, and allows optimals to be left ‘on’ to eradicate duplication of development effort.
Segment cloning available directly from the main menu, allows you to easily replicate an existing segment to modify to new requirements. Saving time and effort to rebuild.
Quick Save does exactly what it says on the tin! It allows you to save as you go, making multiple changes without leaving the editor. This means less back and forth between starting some code and finding what works.
Reset Staging Data button. This can be found within the reporting. It allows you to clear out any staging data that may be present on an experiment, thus providing a clear and clean view of data collected only during the actual duration of the experiment.
Data Imports. The interface for this has been redesigned to match the look and feel of the rest of the UI.



Bug Fixes:

Our automatic handling of domain identification for cookie creation was poorly handled by our legacy tags. This deploy corrects that problem, allowing cookies to reliably be auto-created (via. Site objects). These provide better support for our clients who are still using legacy tags.

Better display of conversions in the Visual Editor; Previously you were shown a “Conversions” tab in the Visual Editor even when no actions were available. This is now only shown when there is an action that can be taken.

Data extracts loading slowly. Changes have been made to API calls which reduce the number of requests for data, therefore, enabling extracts to load faster.