January 2020 Product Update

During the month January we were busy adding some lovely New Year features to the platform, below are the highlights

New Features:

  • Our MVT reporting has undergone a significant overhaul, including improved charting, report data sets and our clearest reporting messaging to date.
  • Ability to protect assets in Asset Manager, do not allow those important files to be deleted
  • To improve transparency and provide reminders to avoid the surprise, we now better message you in our UI so you know when your contract is up for renewal/expiry
  • Syntax highlighting and linting has been added to the UI in order to save time by highlighting mistakes by devs during test builds
  • Within an Advanced Editor test you are now able to run ‘Time on page’ conversions
  • Within both Visual and Advanced tests you are now able to remove segments you no longer need

Other Improvements:

  • Improved messaging around ‘Pausing’ tests
  • Allow for pinning where a test has been completed

We have also made many bug fixes and performance improvements to make your experience even better