July / August 2019 Product Update

With the long summer evenings, most people are enjoying the outdoors and catching up with friends. Despite these distractions, our developers are still busy delivering product enhancements to make your use of our product even better.

As always, if you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see in the product, please feed into our product roadmap using our JIRA portal.

KPI’s – Non-binomial Reporting (NEW Feature) Reporting for “non-binomial metrics” is here, following a series of improvements as part of this release. This allows users to effectively report not just on click/view data, but also report on lift for values such as Order Value, Units Per Transaction, etc. The power of this reporting goes far beyond what is found in most other platforms – not only showing you a comparison of averages, but being able to describe minimum/maximum values captured for each experiment, lift over control, and most importantly whether the lift reached Statistical Significance. Having significance measurements allows you to be confident that a supposed £5 increase in order value has sufficient data behind it to be reliable.
Traffic Allocation available within the dashboard (NEW Feature) You may have noticed that we have surfaced the traffic allocation (throttling) feature to the dashboard enabling you to see and edit the percentage of visitors included in an experiment and the percentage of those visitors seeing each variation. This area of the dashboard is accessed from the right-hand arrow when an experiment is viewed in the dashboard.

Event Usage (NEW Feature) To improve the transparency between us and our customers, we’ve introduced functionality to allow you to see your usage vs. allowance. This is shown at the top of the dashboard, and so will enable you to monitor when you are getting close to your limits.


Custom Data Collection (NEW Feature) We’ve recently released our new method of allocating Custom Data fields to a Test. This iteration sees us expand this functionality to our other types – Targets, Split, Baseline, etc. Future iterations will see us continue to make data collection as easy as possible, as we analyse its usage and continue to make improvements.

Restricted User Permissions (NEW Feature) You now have the ability to restrict users from having access to account settings. This allows administrators to lock down certain account-wide functionality where required.

Experiment Deletion Rights (NEW Feature) In response to customer requests we have introduced the functionality to allow or refuse the ability to delete experiments. This provides greater data security so experiments are not accidentally deleted by users.


Other Improvements:

  • Allow “dot” characters in Project and Test name – this is now possible, allowing you to version your iterations, e.g. “12.2”.
  • As part of an ongoing thread of Performance improvements, we’ve sped up the time it takes to initially login to the UI.


Bug Fixes:

  • We realised that error messages in the Advanced Editor were obscuring the Nav Bar – that’s been resolved.
  • We’ve had reports of issues with our Quick Save functionality, which we’ve addressed.
  • Pinning experiment didn’t work correctly to update objects in OTS, now it does
  • Location Manager: In-Use Counts were wrong – now correct
  • Data Extract from New UI and Flash UI were different with the same date range which has now been addressed.
  • Conversions not showing in App UI if not first seen in Flash – Resolved
  • Advanced Editor – Conversion Data Not Saving – Resolved
  • Visual Editor – Changing image in Picture elements didn’t work – Resolved
  • Visual Editor – Choose Project – switching from regex to URL error – Resolved