May / June 2019 Product update

Summer is with us and the evenings are lighter and our developers continue to be busy bringing enhancements to our product. In this announcement, you may already be utilising some of these items as we rolled out one or two together with some backend process upgrades over previous weeks.

As always, if you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see in the product, please feed into our product roadmap using our JIRA portal.



Login & Account Selection Screens: Mobile View (Improvement) To commence our efforts to make core features of our UI work seamlessly on mobile, we’ve upgraded the login area of our UI. It’s now mobile-friendly, allowing you to get into the App without issue. The next steps of our mobile-friendly project will target core features in the dashboard, allowing you to manage your tests and targets on the go more easily.
Visual Editor target rules re-ordering (NEW Feature) There are times when rules in a particular target are created “out of sync” or need to be assigned differently. We are now introducing the ability to “drag and drop” rules to move the priority. The “control” rule will, by default, be in the lowest position on the list.

Visual Editor – Clone Variation (NEW Feature) As you’ll often hear from us, we’re constantly looking into how people use our UI, so that we can continue to deliver small changes that take away any friction. We noticed that when building ABn tests and Targets in the Visual Editor, users often make similar changes. Doing so manually is prone to human error, and also more time-intensive than it needs to be.

This enhancement of a “Clone Variation” feature sees us able to very quickly generate copies of a Variation/Rule so that you can then just specify differences/deviations from the original variation. Doing so should make building these larger tests much faster, easier, and less prone to error.

Advanced Editor – Custom Data Collection (NEW Feature) As part of our migration from a legacy UI to our new application, we’re porting over our ability to capture Custom Data – either free text or numeric. The first version of this will see us able to track this data again in the Advanced Editor, but with a huge upgrade to UX.

Whilst the legacy UI was incredibly object-driven and required many steps, we’re taking all of the hard work away and leaving just two things to specify – a Name and a Type. This simplification allows more users to start using our Custom Data tracking capabilities. Once delivered, we’ll be looking into making this even simpler, and making it accessible in our Visual Editor too – stay tuned!

Also – don’t forget that we can export the raw, log-level data from the platform too, so you’re free to analyse/model this data however you see fit.

Visual Editor – Remove the requirement for adding conversions in Targets (NEW Feature) In response to client feedback,  creating a Target does not always need a conversion so with this release adding a conversion element to a new Target is optional.



Bug Fixes:

We’ve noticed that the reporting for some Targets fails to load. This bugfix sees us correct that issue, allowing you to get into the reports as expected.

There has been some confusion in our wording where we sometimes have used the word “test” instead of “target”. These have now been rectified.

There was an issue where clicking on the word “state” within an experiment didn’t respond as expected. This will now behave as it should.

Sometimes within the Segment Manager, if a segment name was long, it did not word-wrap. This has now been rectified.

Resolved – When creating a new test in Advanced Editor you would not see it in the dashboard until you refreshed the screen.

You can now scroll to the bottom of the segment list within the Visual Editor

You are now able to edit custom tables

Regex Validation in the Visual Editor can now display long URL’s