Webtrends Optimize Next Generation

Now as part of the Accelerate Group Limited, we have made significant changes to our Webtrends Optimise Solution.

  • Redesigned from the ground up
    • To make future enhancements, we have re-engineered our solution to work using a single interface, one that provides the capability for building new features and functionality. This means that our development time will be faster, more robust and allow us to broaden our product offering.
  • Built on Microsoft Azure for greater resilience and scalability
    • We have moved away from our legacy systems with the constraints that came with them. We are now able to “spin-up” additional capacity as and when the demands of our customer base require it. Now hosted in state of the art data centers and on an ultra-secure Microsoft Azure platform we can provide a more global service with greater availability and fault tolerance.
  • Restyled User Interface
    • The User Interface has been updated with a new mega-menu allowing you faster access to experiments, segments, data import and export, and assets. We have also given more real estate to the experiments on the dashboard to give you an even more comprehensive view of your tests and targets.